Subject  Breakfast Seminar with Mr. LEE Wonjae, Country Head, Yozma Group Korea
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October 24, 2016

Breakfast Seminar with Mr. Wonjae LEE, Country Head, Yozma Group Korea

Dear Members:

I am pleased to inform you that the Forum will be holding a breakfast seminar featuring Mr. Wonjae LEE, Country Head for Yozma Group Korea, as our speaker on November 10. Mr. LEE will speak on the global investment strategies of the Yozma Fund, while also touching on Korea's venture ecosystem, and introducing his experiences to date in Korea. Details of the seminar are as follows.

Time and Date: 7:30~9:00 am, Thursday, November 10, 2016
Venue: Charlotte Suite, 36th Floor, Lotte Hotel, Sogong-dong
* Please note that the seminar will not be at our usual venue.
Topic: Yozma Fund and Its Global Investment Strategy
Note: As Mr. LEE will speak in Korean, simultaneous interpretation is to be provided.

Born in Korea, Mr. LEE moved to Israel at the age of 12 where he grew up learning about "chutzpah," Israel's formative spirit of challenge that has long been the foundation for entrepreneurship among generations of young Israelis, many of whom have succeeded in their venture start-up businesses. He first took note of Yozma Fund and its excellent performance while serving as an Economic Consultant (Asia Dept.) to the 12th Prime Minister of Israel. Subsequently, he joined the Fund - a natural choice - as Managing Partner, before later being assigned as the Korea Country Head in 2013. He is now working hard to identify promising local start-ups to help them go global.

Given Israel's outstanding track record in venture start-up incubation and business success, the upcoming seminar will be an excellent opportunity to discuss "what" we need to do to develop the venture business here in Korea, as well as "how". For this reason and more, I strongly urge all SFF members to set aside the time to please attend.

As always, your advance confirmation of attendance would be very much appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Sang-Woo Kim
Executive Director