Subject  Breakfast Seminar with Dr. LEE Seungho, Head of the International Finance Office, Korea Capital Market Institute
Writer  sff Date  2016-05-10 Hit 860

April 5, 2016

Breakfast Seminar with Dr. LEE Seungho
Head of the International Finance Office, Korea Capital Market Institute

Dear Members:

I am pleased to inform you that the Forum will be hosting a breakfast seminar featuring Dr. LEE Seungho, Senior Research Fellow and Head of the International Finance Office at the KCMI (Korea Capital Market Institute), as our guest speaker on April 21. Dr. Lee will speak on the topic, “Renminbi Internationalization: Prospects and Implications," while also touching on the RMB exchange rate. Details of the seminar are as follows.

Time and Date: 7:30-9:00 am, Thursday, April 21, 2016
Venue: Lilac & Tulip Room, 2nd Floor, Westin Chosun Hotel
Topic: Renminbi Internationalization: Prospects and Implications
Note: Dr. Lee will be speaking in English.

With the Yuan's inclusion in the IMF's SDR basket last year and the upcoming launch of the Won-Yuan direct trading market this June, China has made significant strides toward the internationalization of the Yuan. Nonetheless, to make the RMB a truly global currency, China must still pass through several gateways, including the adoption of a more market-oriented FX rate policy. That being said, the recent slowdown of the Chinese economy and the weakening of the dollar may present obstacles for China in its turning toward more flexible exchange rate policies. Taking these factors into full account, Dr. Lee will no doubt provide useful insight into the internationalization of the Yuan including future prospects and implications for Korea.

Prior to his current position at the KCMI, Dr. Lee served as a Senior Economist at the IMF from 2006 to 2009. Dr. Lee began his career with the Bank of Korea, where he served as an Economist (1989-2002), Senior Economist (2002-2005), and subsequently Deputy Head of the International Department (2009-2010). After graduating from Yonsei University in 1988 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Dr. Lee received a Ph.D. in Economics from American University in Washington D.C., U.S., in 1996.

I would like to encourage all SFF members to please attend to gain valuable insight into the future of the Chinese Yuan. As always, your prompt reply would be very much appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Sang-Woo Kim
Executive Director
Office: 02-761-6002